The universal tensile tester is used for performing tension, pressure or bending tests. The classic application is the tensile test. This involves subjecting a sample to an increasing tensile load until it breaks. The force-deflection diagram generated during this test provides information on the load-bearing capacity, elasticity and plastic deformation of the material sample.

Simple and safe operation

> Convenient operation and clear visualisation (test curves, calculations and statistics) via integrated touch display

> Easy to change the grips

Reliable test results

> Accuracy: ±0.5% of the measurement up to 1/1000 of the max. measuring range

Lasting efficiency

> Precise, self-cleaning ballscrew with sealed, maintenance free bearings for low-noise operation

> Brushless servo motor for maintenance-free operation

State-of-the-art technology

> Automatic detection and calibration of load cells and extensometers

> 800% overload protection



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