The test bar milling machine enables bar-shaped plastic samples to be produced for tension, pressure, bending and flexural impact tests in accordance with a wide range of standards. The CNC milling machine is a table-top unit with electrically locking protective doors. Pre-configured machining programs for all common bar shapes and visualisation via touch screen display makes it very easy to operate the milling machine. Up to five test bars can be produced in one milling process. The all-round enclosure ensures safety at the workstation during the milling process. A swarf extraction system ensure the workstation remains clean.

Simple and safe operation

> Pre-configured machining programs Protective doors with safety lock

> Clean workstation thanks to machine enclosure Delivered with workbench

Reliable test results

> Test bars milled in accordance with standards

> CNC-controlled positioning of the axes

> Machined areas cooled with compressed air

Lasting efficiency

> High-quality unit components guarantee high reliability, a long service life and low maintenance costs



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