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Integrated and customized solutions for lasting success

We are a team who had come together to give shape to every type of plastic and produce engineering solutions

Our team of professionals possesses education of international standards and technical equipment, and is purposefully directed to produce top notch technological systems and is able to provide these systems to their customers in a manner of quality

Our CNC machines and harnessing equipment are of high-quality and programmed with the logic of mass production.

All of the engineering solutions are discussed in the environment of computerized design and analysis in pre-production phase andour customers are served with this quality of approach.

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First priority of Polinar , with its personnel is to protect all customers profit and to provide qualified services. In this respect, in the all of inputs and outputs of our production process, the analysis of all semi-products and finished products are done very carefully.

Facts below are needed for a better quality and production

  • Machine Capacity
  • Kind of plastic
  • Plastic specifications
  • Steels of molds
  • Design of molds
  • Polishing of molds
  • Mounting of molds and first start-up
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